Reviews of this Portland Criminal Defense Lawyer


When I found Mr. Bowman, not only did I find an excellent attorney but my son and I found a friend. I had struggled in finding an attorney, my situation was sensitive and very urgent. I was distraught and scared and not knowing the law I truly needed to find someone I could trust and one with reasonable fees. He took a terrible situation and made it manageable. Tim calmed me from the very beginning, he was genuine and thoughtful. He guided me every step of the way. It was a relief to be able to sleep at night and move on with my “normal” daily activities knowing he was taking care of everything! He was patient in my many moments of panic and answered all of my questions (sometimes more than once) until I completely understood. He was open and honest at all times. I never doubted his guidance or advice. His calming nature helped me in so many ways, he was truly my rock! To say Tim is an excellent attorney is an understatement. If I were ever in need of an attorney again it would be him. Most importantly I would never hesitate to send a friend or relative his way.


As in my case, if someone is challenging your reputation and your freedom, you must choose your lawyer very, very carefully. Our legal system is adversarial. To protect yourself, you need the best-of-the-best advocate. I believe I found that one in a thousand. During 40 years in business and in life, I worked with dozens of attorneys, but only one stands out that I can recommend to you: Tim Bowman.
Place your trust in Tim and you get an open-minded attorney who not only knows the law in great depth, he knows the system, the people, and most of all he knows the risks. In my complex case, in a few months Tim delivered success when others took years and delivered failure. My case spanned 10 years, multiple states, and a long list of changing laws. Still, Tim created a winning strategy built upon careful thought, detailed planning, and strong delivery. Thanks to Tim, a nightmare is over.

Please choose carefully, after all, it’s your reputation and maybe your freedom. I may not need Tim again, but if you do, you’re in good hands.

Yvette B.

During a devastating experience involving a family member, I interviewed with seven or eight attorneys before selecting Mr. Timothy Bowman. What impressed me most about Mr. Bowman was his compassion and sensitivity towards our situation. All through the ordeal he was professional and competent, but what our family will remember most was his patience, the kindness and respect we received from him. This was a very serious crisis but the burden was so much more bearable because of his humanity.


It was a horrible event made better by your professionalism and the confidence I had that we had the best possible representation. That meant a lot. Thanks again for all you have done for us. I appreciate everything you did and the way you always kept me informed and up to date with what was happening.


My concern during my case was getting fair treatment from the court system. The support I received before, during, and after my proceedings was phenomenal. Communication was great. Details of my case were relayed to me each step of the way. I would highly recommend Mr. Bowman’s services to anyone who requires such assistance.

Mike O.

Thanks Tim. You were essential in getting me out of trouble. Excellent work and very personable. I would like to think that we’re friends.

B. N.

Tim utilized his vast experience and knowledge in dealing with a situation I got myself into, and turned it into a positive outcome for all. I would request his assistance again for any legal need, and would wholeheartedly refer his legal expertise to friends, acquaintances and family.


Mr. Bowman helped me through one of the roughest times in my life. I always felt that he was looking to find the best solution that was right for me. I appreciated that he was always upfront with me about everything that could or would happen and I never once felt like he judged me.


Many years ago I had an angry ex wife and a 5 year old daughter. We had joint custody, but I was custodial parent. I was accused of sex abuse. Tim was so organized in all aspects of this case from gathering information to jury selection. It was a four day trial with a 20 minute “not guilty” from the jury. I got my daughter back and my arrest record expunged. Today my daughter and her family live next door.


Even good people make mistakes. The one thing I did right was to have my case vigorously defended by Mr. Bowman. Immediately Tim went to work reviewing the circumstances while professionally organizing a plan of action. He brought in additional investigators and carefully drafted my defense while also playing a very impressive aggressive offense. Though my situation was dire and the potential outcome looking hopeless, Tim used his vast expertise for an amazing and favorable outcome. Besides his legal representation Tim also has a very personal side of him that exhibited compassion, patience, and understanding. His rates are well below what his experience should demand and he is respected and reputable in the legal field. I highly recommend Tim if you want the most favorable outcome to your case.

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